Reinforced PVC hoses made by ZAISAN are well designed and manufactured based on engineering concept suitable for the following basic applications:

- Organic and Inorganic chemical substances transfer as feeder lines.

- Air power transmission and distribution from power sources such as aircompressor to load, e.g., air tools for construction, factory, and auto works, etc.

The reinforced PVC hoses made by ZAISAN have many advantageous features as follow:
1. Crystal-clear PVC construction with excellent transparency in Industrial Multi-Purpose Hose; MP-series.
2. Feels and looks like rubber hoses but lighter in Aire Reinforce PVC Hose; A-series. for more comfort and durability.
3. Excellent adhesion between layers bonded by polymerization process without selicone or any solvent bonding agents. Our hoses perform better than the ISO-8033 standands and could withstand the pressures throughout their entire length at all service temperature range.
4. Miror-smooth inner for improved flow.
5. Uniform inner and outer diameters and thickness for the entire length.
6. Wide selection for chemical substances usage.
7. Reliability and Quality manufacturing to comply with ISO-5774 and strictly tested according to international standard (ISO-standard).

Product NameModel SeriesRecommended Gas, Powder and Fluid
WaterCompressed Air ChemicalFood & Beverage OilSolvent
Industrial Multi-Purpose HoseMP
Aire Reinforced PVC HoseA
Food & Beverage HoseFB
Spray HoseSP
Due to continuous improvement in our products, we reserve the rights to amend specifications without prior notice.

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